Above: YFC cleaning the storm water drains along Aoko Road in South B during community work

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ (YFC) is one of the Pillar Ministry at Liberty Christian Centre serving all single young people from 18 years and above. We strive to empower our youths in the knowledge of Christ to effectively transform their respective spheres of influence spiritually, socially and economically.

Who Are Our Youth?

They are young professionals, students in colleges and universities most of them residing and either studying or working in Nairobi and its suburbs. They have a desire and a focus to find their identity in Christ and to live a purpose driven life.

Reach & Empower


Empowered to Transform

YFC Fellowship Teams

For effective accountability and closer fellowship, YFC is further subdivided into twelve Fellowship Teams each with a team leader and assistant as follows:

  • Prayer team
  • Evangelism team
  • Finance team
  • Creativity team
  • Dance team
  • Music team
  • Readers team
  • Publicity team
  • Welfare team
  • Retention/ visitor’s team
  • Retreat team
Our Action Board
1. Youth Services

Happens every 2nd Sunday of each month from 8am to 10am. These services provide a platform for spiritual nourishment, talent development and mentorship of young ministers who lead the congregation in intercession, praise and worship and also preach God’s Word.


2. Youth Services

YFC has engaged the catchment communities around LCC in environmental cleanup and door to door evangelism exercises.


3. Finalists Fest

It’s an annual program that is geared towards training and mentoring final year students in colleges & universities to smoothly transit from the campus life to real life setting in the wider society. The training focusses on career and professional advancement, networking, business start-up ideas and how to remain active in ministry after campus.

4. Sports Fest

It’s an annual sports event geared towards evangelism, mentorship and bonding of youths with Fathers (PKs) and Mothers (WOP) at LCC. This event normally culminates with a soccer, netball, tug of war and racing contest between YFC against the Fathers (PKs) & Mothers (WOP).

Above: YFC Team Energy after winning a soccer match

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