Prayer & Intercession

The prayer and intercessory meeting mission is to raise up prayer leaders to guide the church in prayer and intercession. The team’s core assignment is to mobilize intercessors and the whole church in general to be on the front-line in raising a prayer cover for families, ministry and the Nation among other needs.

The mandate of the ministry is:

  • To make L.C.C a house of prayer
  • To Frontier in raising up of a prayer mountain that will speak to the territories that boarder L.C.C- Isaiah 2.1-3

The responsibility of the ministry is:

  • Run the school of prayer, twice a year.
  • Lead all the weekly prayer meeting held on Tuesdays
  • Provide prayer focus for the month to the church
  • Plan and execute the prayer and fasting program for the intercessors
  • Plan and execute prayer and fasting seasons for the church
  • Plan and execute the whole day of prayer, done on monthly basis.
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