Women of Purpose

Women of Purpose (WOP) Fellowship exists to provide a forum where ladies are spurred to grow in their Christian, personal, Professional and family lives by providing them opportunities for discipleship,, fellowship, personal enrichment and service.

The Ministry operates under the leadership of the Patron Reverend Rose Nyamweya with other appointed leaders consisting of an Advisory Board and a Working Committee. Members in this ministry consist of ladies at all stages of live. Some of the activities under this Ministry include Women of Purpose Conference, baby showers, bridal showers, fellowship and ministry amongst smaller groups to enrich interaction.

Women of Purpose encourages women to exercise their gifting and grace as they serve God and fulfill their purpose in the following areas of service and ministry: mentorship programmes (career mentorship, general counseling, women empowerment), evangelism, pulpit ministry, , hospitality ministry, helps, and the singing group.


The Ministry mandate includes:
  • To provide opportunities for ladies to minister to one another through our gifting as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
  • To mentor and raise up ladies who will take up their rightful positions in church, at home and work place and be agents of advancing the kingdom of God by impacting the lives of those they interact with.
  • To sensitize sisters on the need to embrace and uphold their families and the ministry by being actively involved in the activities of the ministry.
Co-wives and Benjamites

Co-wives and Benjamites (Widows and Orphans) Ministry Co-wives and Benjamites (Widows and Orphans) Ministry is for widows of all ages and orphans. The ministry is designed to provide spiritual, emotional, material support encouragement, and fellowship.

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