What is a vow?

Many think immediately of money but it’s much more than financial.

The Hebrew word for vow is Nadar – a solemn promise one makes voluntarily to God or someone without coercion.

There are two forms of vows

  1. Conditional vows

1 Sam1: Hannah prayed, If you bless me with a male child then..

Gen 28:29: Jacob made a vow to the Lord that if the Lord will go with him…. then he will give a tithe of all…

  1. Unconditional vows

Appears in the form of an oath. Vows made with no condition but someone binds himself to do something for God or someone else without expecting anything in return.

Ps. 116:14-16: I will pay my vows to the Lord …David said because of what the Lord has done for him, he said he will pay his vows.

Hannah has gone through sorrow of heart and is desperate. She has seen her co-wife have children. She is in bitterness of heart and in anguish…she prayed and made a vow to the Lord. that vs 11 if you will..

According to Hebrew tradition it is noted that whenever you stood to make a vow it was a requirement that you fulfill that vow.

Gen 28:29 Jacob makes a vow at a place called Bethel. After having a visitation of the Lord.

Then Jacob made a vow saying…if

Today many are struggling because of unfulfilled vows.

Vows bind

Num 30:1-2: If a man makes a vow to the Lord; he shall not break his Word.

Examples of vows…If you give me that job, I will tithe, if you give me that car I will use it for missions…that which we ask for then it becomes an idol.

Unfulfilled vows attract consequences and mainly it brings guilt.

Don’t be like Jephthah in Judges11:30 …without thinking, rushly made a vow and it had consequences. The only daughter came out and his vow was hard to fulfill.

When you honor your vows, you receive blessings

Job 22:27Psalm 1:6

Ecc 5:4-6 when you make your vow to the Lord do not hesitate to pay it

Prov 20:25   Go back and check every vow you have made to the Lord, to Parents and to others and if need be ask for forgiveness.

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